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Johan Åkerström expert inom PowerShell, Infrastruktur
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Maurice Daly expert inom Active Directory, Office 365, PowerShell, Windows Server, Deployment, Infrastruktur
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Alexander Andersson expert inom Säkerhet, Skadlig kod
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Active Directory Security [2 dagar]

Learn a modern and secure way to manage your Active Directory infrastructure.

The Identity is the last perimeter to protect. By numerous security audits and investigating intrusions we know how crucial it is to protect your privileged accounts to being able to protect the entire IT-infrastructure.
With the experience we have the knowledge on how to use the built-in security features in Windows and Active Directory to create a strong and efficient defense in depth strategy.

This is a two-day course where we take a deep dive into Active Directory Security and how to build a modern and strong defense with the built-in components in Active Directory. We will look at the common problems and misconfigurations and how to mitigate them.
Separate the administration in a tiered level in the existing domain and extend it to a high security domain.
Build Privilege Access Workstations (PAW) and strengthen the administrative channels.

We will use different real case scenarios from the field

För tillfället har vi ej något schemalagt datum för denna labb.

Kontakta oss gärna via formuläret under fliken ”kontakt” ovan, så ser vi över möjligheterna att skapa ett datum som passar dig.

Vi kan såklart även leverera denna labb på plats hos dig om så önskas.

Kontakta Patrik Sandqvist om du har några frågor: 0709 18 30 90