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Geek Week - CyberSecurity Threats and Defenses in a Microsoft 365 Platform [5 dagar]

This class and the date 10-14:th of June is one track out of 9,and a part of the totally unique and awesome Mega Geekweek in Chicago, where you will have access to 14 experts troughout the week.

Packagedeal 5 days lab incl all meals, 7 nights hotel and flight Sthlm-Chicago: 55200 SEK ex VAT
Price 5 days lab incl all meals, 5 nights hotel:45700 SEK ex VAT

Traditional security approaches have focused on using the organization’s network as the primary security perimeter. However, in today’s world, network security is often bypassed, especially when data and resources are hosted outside the traditional network boundary or when the adversaries obtain access on workstations inside the network boundary through phishing and other attacks. Cyberattackers target accounts and other elements of privileged access to rapidly gain access to targeted data and systems using credential theft and reuse attacks like token manipulation, pass-the-hash, and pass-the-ticket.

In this training, you learn how to address these critical issues using security features built into Windows Client and Server, as well as those in Azure and Microsoft 365, and maximize your investments in the Microsoft platform. It is a unique hands-on lab for IT pros and IT managers that covers all aspects of Windows Enterprise security regarding cyberattacks and defenses.

The training covers threats that include advanced persistent threats (APTs), identity theft, hacker tools, and techniques used by cybercriminals and malware authors. It also focuses on how to defend and secure a modern Windows environment using the latest and greatest built-in features and components together with PKI and certificate-based authentication, privileged identity management, remote administration, just-in-time access, behavior monitoring, and more.

Instructors discuss protection and mitigation strategies for each attack scenario covered in the training, based on their extensive real-world experience and knowledge. Using examples from incidents, attacks, and red team assignments, they demonstrate the importance of governing privileged access and how it minimizes your organization’s attack surface and thwarts in-progress attacks.

Key players of the TrueSec CyberSecurity team, consisting of both red and blue team members and other security experts, developed this unique training based on real-world experience from numerous incident response cases, penetration tests, security health-checks, red team activities, and security design and architecture projects. They include some of the world’s leading security experts, Cloud and Enterprise Security MVPs, and recognized Microsoft Ignite speakers.

Datum Stad Instruktör Pris Antal  
2019-06-10 Chicago 45700