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Jörgen Brandelius expert inom System Center, Windows Server, Deployment, Infrastruktur
Jörgen Brandelius
Markus Lassfolk expert inom Azure, Active Directory, System Center, PowerShell, Windows Server, Infrastruktur
Markus Lassfolk
Peter Löfgren expert inom PowerShell, Windows Client, Windows Server, Deployment, Infrastruktur
Peter Löfgren
Johan Arwidmark expert inom System Center, Windows Server, Deployment, Infrastruktur
Johan Arwidmark
Mattias Lehmus expert inom Azure, Office 365, System Center, Windows Client, Windows Server, Deployment, Infrastruktur
Mattias Lehmus
Robert Hedblom expert inom System Center, Infrastruktur
Robert Hedblom
Mikael Nyström expert inom Active Directory, Windows Client, Windows Server, SBS, Deployment, Infrastruktur
Mikael Nyström
Kåre Rude-Andersen expert inom System Center
Kåre Rude-Andersen
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Jordan Benzing
Hasain Alshakarti expert inom Säkerhet, PKI & Certifikat
Hasain Alshakarti
Maurice Daly expert inom Active Directory, Office 365, PowerShell, Windows Server, Deployment, Infrastruktur
Maurice Daly
Marcus Murray expert inom Säkerhet, Skadlig kod
Marcus Murray
Kent Agerlund expert inom System Center, Windows Server, Infrastruktur
Kent Agerlund
Alexander Andersson expert inom Säkerhet, Skadlig kod
Alexander Andersson
Fredrik Jonsson expert inom Säkerhet, Active Directory, PowerShell, Infrastruktur
Fredrik Jonsson
Björn Brolin expert inom Säkerhet, Skadlig kod
Björn Brolin
Johan Åkerström expert inom PowerShell, Infrastruktur
Johan Åkerström

Geek Week - Hybrid Enterprise Management [5 dagar]

This class and the date 10-14:th of June is one track out of 9,and a part of the totally unique and awesome Mega Geekweek in Chicago, where you will have access to 14 experts troughout the week.

Packagedeal 5 days lab incl all meals, 7 nights hotel and flight Sthlm-Chicago: 55200 SEK ex VAT
Price 5 days lab incl all meals, 5 nights hotel:45700 SEK ex VAT

A lot of companies have invested in cloud services like Microsoft Azure and Office 365 but are using only a small portion of the features and possibilities they pay for. That doesn’t even begin to cover the new features and services added to cloud services weekly. And at the same time more and more of Microsoft’s products have something called “cloud attach” where the product utilizes new services in the cloud to work in a wider set of scenarios and extend your control.

This training is focused on providing you with tools and knowledge to provide you with the most value from your investment. You learn to get the most out of your Microsoft Azure and Office 365 subscriptions regardless of whether you are going all-in cloud or using a hybrid cloud strategy. You learn to design and build your virtual networks, while at the same time learning to secure your currently deployed cloud services and avoid having huge holes in your infrastructure security. You get to see and use features you did not know existed. All of this collectively will make your work as an administrator easier and empower your co-workers. You will gain skills and knowledge to lead your organization to be more productive and secure.

In this training, you learn to architect, deploy, build, and customize infrastructure cloud service solutions using Microsoft Azure and Office 365 with both the web interface and other tools such as PowerShell. You learn to utilize and get the most out of the services you are already paying for and what you are missing out on.

Don’t make the same mistake many others have made by building your cloud infrastructure ad hoc, without a proper plan and knowledge, and leaving you equally exposed and vulnerable to threats just as if you were running your on-prem environment without a firewall!

You learn the good, the bad, and the ugly about cloud services. What’s working well and what to avoid.

This training is unique in many ways, due to the nature of cloud services and how fast they evolve, change, get new features and to your individual needs. To accommodate all that, this training provides a lot of time for you to explore and try different cloud services that you want to know more about and learn in a structured way with guidance from our experienced subject matter experts who each present their favorite features.

Through demos and practical applications, you enhance your skills in designing scalable, resilient infrastructure and platform solutions that generate value all through the solution lifecycle. The course helps you explore Azure and Office 365 features and capabilities and enables you to make appropriate decisions when designing public and hybrid cloud solutions

Datum Stad Instruktör Pris Antal  
2019-06-10 Chicago 45700