Mikael Nyström expert inom Active Directory, Windows Client, Windows Server, SBS, Deployment, Infrastruktur
Mikael Nyström
Kåre Rude-Andersen expert inom System Center
Kåre Rude-Andersen
Mattias Lehmus expert inom Azure, Office 365, System Center, Windows Client, Windows Server, Deployment, Infrastruktur
Mattias Lehmus
Markus Lassfolk expert inom Azure, Active Directory, System Center, PowerShell, Windows Server, Infrastruktur
Markus Lassfolk
Jordan Benzing expert inom
Jordan Benzing
Marcus Murray expert inom Säkerhet, Skadlig kod
Marcus Murray
Johan Arwidmark expert inom System Center, Windows Server, Deployment, Infrastruktur
Johan Arwidmark
Kent Agerlund expert inom System Center, Windows Server, Infrastruktur
Kent Agerlund
Peter Löfgren expert inom PowerShell, Windows Client, Windows Server, Deployment, Infrastruktur
Peter Löfgren
Maurice Daly expert inom Active Directory, Office 365, PowerShell, Windows Server, Deployment, Infrastruktur
Maurice Daly
Alexander Andersson expert inom Säkerhet, Skadlig kod
Alexander Andersson
Informator expert inom
Jörgen Brandelius expert inom System Center, Windows Server, Deployment, Infrastruktur
Jörgen Brandelius
Björn Brolin expert inom Säkerhet, Skadlig kod
Björn Brolin
Fredrik Jonsson expert inom Säkerhet, Active Directory, PowerShell, Infrastruktur
Fredrik Jonsson
Johan Åkerström expert inom PowerShell, Infrastruktur
Johan Åkerström
Robert Hedblom expert inom System Center, Infrastruktur
Robert Hedblom
Hasain Alshakarti expert inom Säkerhet, PKI & Certifikat
Hasain Alshakarti

Geek Week - Managing and Operating a Datacenter using System Center [5 dagar]

This class and the date 10-14:th of June is one track out of 9,and a part of the totally unique and awesome Mega Geekweek in Chicago, where you will have access to 14 experts troughout the week.

Packagedeal 5 days lab incl all meals, 7 nights hotel and flight Sthlm-Chicago: 55200 SEK ex VAT
Price 5 days lab incl all meals, 5 nights hotel:45700 SEK ex VAT

In this five-day training, you learn how to configure and operate the System Center suite. The training is extensive and covers almost all aspects of System Center. Microsoft System Center is similar to Microsoft Office; it’s built of several products that are possible to connect and strengthened by using them together. Just like you can link an Excel spreadsheet into a Word document, you can connect Virtual Machine Manager with Operations Manager, or have Orchestrator talk with the other System Center components. To get the most out of your investment into System Center, it’s not enough to know just one component. You need to understand them all. And with the introduction of cloud attach functionality for several of the System Center products, it’s also possible now to utilize Microsoft Azure hybrid services.

You not only learn to use all the preceding things but also discover what’s new and updated, together with common and best practices for handling legacy components in System Center. You learn to manage and monitor the general server, workstations, domain controllers, file servers, SQL server, remote desktop servers, Hyper-V, and storage. You also learn to deploy applications to servers and clients. In just five days, you learn almost every part of System Center.

You start in the operator seat of the enterprise ViaMonstra, with everything installed but not configured. From there you configure each System Center component and connect them and Microsoft Azure. You run through practical exercises to improve your skills in managing the entire environment. You also have the ability to select exercises that are right for you and where you need to strengthen your knowledge. And in some cases, there are deep-dive labs that you can run. The lab will be just the way you want it!

Mikael Nystrom has developed the lab based on real-world experience building private clouds, data center fabrics, and traditional enterprise environments.

Datum Stad Instruktör Pris Antal  
2019-06-10 Chicago 45700